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About GCR Books

Jan 2008 - GCR Books was founded by Greg Adams a life-long Arsenal supporter dedicated to bringing classic  Arsenal books back into print.

Jul 2008 - Our first title The Arsenal Stadium Mystery was republished.

Jun 2009 - GCR Books became GCR Books Limited, a registered company in England and Wales.

Jul 2009 - Forward, Arsenal! by Bernard Joy, became the second book to be republished.

Nov 2009 - Eddie Hapgood's autobiography, Football Ambassador was republished.

Mar 2010 - Football Ambassador was selected by Arsenal Football Club for use in the Club's 2010/2011 Membership Pack. More than 120,000 copies of this book have been republished to-date.

Oct 2010 - Cliff Bastin Remembers became the fourth title in our back catalogue.

Oct 2010 - Herbert Chapman on Football became title number five.

Oct 2010 - Billy Gooner is created. This character, created by Greg Adams and brought to life by illustrator Debbie Mitchell, features in Billy Gooner's First Match, an Arsenal book especially for young Arsenal fans.

Oct 2010 - GCR Books launched its online shop in order to make its books available to supporters at a more reasonable cost.

Mar 2011 - Herbert Chapman on Football was selected by Arsenal Football Club for use in the Club's 2011/2012 Membership Pack. More than 135,000 copies of this book have been republished to-date.

Jul 2011 - Over the Bar by Jack Kelsey becomes the seventh title in our catalogue of Arsenal books.

Jul 2011 - Arsenal Football Club: From Woolwich to Whittaker by Brian Glanville is also back in print after more than fifty years.

Mar 2012 - The Arsenal Stadium Mystery became our first electronic book in Kindle format.

July 2012 - Captain of Wales by Walley Barnes is our ninth Arsenal-related book and Volume 8 in The Arsenal Classic Collection.

Aug 2012 - The Battle of London  is our tenth title. With Arsenal celebrating 100 years in North London in 2013 we thought it was the right time to bring this book back into print.

Nov 2012 - Arsenal - The French Connection our first new hardback book was released on 10th November and was given a double-page feature in the December edition of Arsenal Magazine. 

Nov 2012The Wenger Code  became title number twelve and our second new hardback book when it was released on 20th November. 

Nov 2013 - Fred Atkins, author of Arsenal - The French Connection, joined GCR Books as a director.

Aug 2014 - Stuck in a Moment - The Ballad of Paul Vaessen will be published on 8th August. This  book by Stewart Taylor has a foreword by Arsenal legend Tony Adams and is our third hardback title.