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GCR Books is dedicated to republishing previously out-of-print Arsenal-related books and new Arsenal titles. Currently these are being released at the rate of two or three titles per year.
To date, we have republished twelve Arsenal books:
  • The Arsenal Stadium Mystery by Leonard Gribble
  • Forward Arsenal by Bernard Joy
  • Football Ambassador  by Eddie Hapgood
  • Herbert Chapman on Football by Herbert Chapman
  • Cliff Bastin Remembers by Cliff Bastin and Brian Glanville
  • Billy Gooner's First Match by Greg Adams
  • Over the Bar by Jack Kelsey and Brian Glanville
  • Arsenal Football Club by Brian Glanville
  • Captain of Wales by Walley Barnes
  • The Battle of London by Rex Pardoe
  • Arsenal - The French Connection by Fred Atkins
  • The Wenger Code by Richard Evans
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